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HD-370 Digital VF Echosounder

HD-370 is currently the only adjustable high-frequency echosounder, apply the latest variable frequency technology in the world to reduce transducer buzz and surface noise, enhance echo strength. Thus, remarkably improve echosounder capability. Furthermore, VF technology provides HD-370 ability to configure with diverse frequency transducers to meet various requirements from different marine survey project. Perfect TVG curve is designed according to characteristic of sonar transmission under water. Optimize sounder capability and improve performance in shallow water.

In the latest portable design, HD-370 configures with high-brightness fine-resolution LCD screen and mass storage to support your convenient field survey.


Hi-Target the third generation of echosounder is installed the latest Hi-Target depth sounding software and marine positioning software, powerful function and simple operation, would be your best partner in survey project.

Hi-Target Depth Sounding Software

Hi-Target Depth Sounding Software adopts entirely automatic design, setting parameter in advance, only boot-strap can start surveying. Sounder data is intuitively displayed by figure. Echogram is saved in digital encrypted files, convenient for data long time storage, replay, inquiry and print.

Hi-Target Navigation Sounding Software

Combining of positioning and Depth Sounding function, in virtue of this software, only requiring GPS receiver and power supply system, can Hi-Target the third generation of echosounder implement high precised positioning and echo sound surveying, increasing efficiency and reducing cost of system configuration.

Software Parameter & Environment Setting

Hi-Target Sounding and Positioning software is simple for setting. One interface is for you to set sea gauge, sound velocity, transmission power, gain and frequency adjustment parameter, simple and intuitive.

Application Mode

Working Station Echoing Mode

Hi-Target the third generation of echosounder is integrated with high stable industrial controlling computer, echosounder, depth measuring software and marine surveying software. Only need to connect to GPS receiver and 12V DC battery can launch survey work, greatly simply water depth survey work.

Combined Echoing Mode

Hi-Target the third generation of echosounder also carries out working mode with echosounder + laptop + GPS + battery, satisfying customer"s traditional surveying requirement.

Precise Echoing Mode

Hi-Target the third generation of echosounder can connect to surge compensator, for correcting error which evocable from surge in water depth surveying, to increase surveying precision.

Construction Positioning Surveying Mode

Hi-Target the third generation of echosounder is not only a set of digital echosounder, but also a set of stable Industrial Controlling Computer. To effectively solve unstable AC power supply on board, it"s available for direct power supplying in 12V DC, connecting GPS receiver and processing construction.
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